2021 Q3 Update

Whoops, where has this year gone?! My tracking has fallen off the wagon a bit due to health issues, so I don’t have as much granularity as I’d hoped. The data’s all in there and I’m updating transaction categories as they come in, so sometime when I’m feeling up to it, it shouldn’t be too… Continue reading 2021 Q3 Update

2021 Q2 Update

I’m back with a little bit more detail this time around. 🙂 Still trying to work out the best way to track my categories, where the heck some of this money went, and how it all adds up in my plan! This is all quite difficult to track in a blog-friendly format, it turns out.… Continue reading 2021 Q2 Update

2021 Q1 Update

This won’t be fancy or comprehensive, because Q1 was quite a mess! It should be much easier to share numbers for Q2 and beyond. I want to start getting into the mindset of posting quarterly updates on my progress, so at the very least I ought to start with a net worth figure.

First steps…

(I finally hit the Publish button!) The Covid-19 crisis really brought my life plan into focus, and I thought hard about where I am, and where I want to be. I originally wrote this post months ago, which helped iron out my priorities. It’s been rewritten at least four times since then. WHO I AM… Continue reading First steps…