2021 Q3 Update

Whoops, where has this year gone?!

My tracking has fallen off the wagon a bit due to health issues, so I don’t have as much granularity as I’d hoped. The data’s all in there and I’m updating transaction categories as they come in, so sometime when I’m feeling up to it, it shouldn’t be too hard to do the more specific breakdowns.

Overall figures should still be interesting, though.

2021 Q3 net worth: £15,462 | +£1975

Currently included: cash, cash LISA, S&S ISA, SIPP, premium bonds, car estimated value and outstanding loan balance.

That’s pretty much what I’d hoped for. It doesn’t sound like much until I remind myself where I was a year ago.

I enjoyed my first trip abroad since the pandemic. Plus, less enjoyably, a surprise car windscreen repair that required a maintenance pot raid. Boo, hiss. At least there should still be enough to offset the sting of the upcoming annual car insurance bill. (God save me, I’m clenching all of my parts.)

But… the car loan is still creeping down, and the car’s value exceeds it due to the strong used market, which is amusing but useless knowledge.

My premium bonds are up to £4K, a bit more than I’d planned for, which is great because that will cover my next visa. (I know, ouch.) It’s a big relief to have that money set aside already.

I’m running a little bit behind on savings for two big trips next year, one with my chosen family, one with my given family. I’m going to have to turn a scrutinising eye on that situation soon since both trips will (probably) happen close to one another.

All my camping gear is bought… just in time for autumn. 😉 I’ve already been enjoying it though. I can stretch the season if the weather is right, but I’m happy to wait for spring.

I bought some new clothes since my wardrobe has been paused during the pandemic. I might be dipping a toe in the dating pool over the coming months, so I’m going to dress the part 🙂

I’ve been eating a lot more (which is a good thing for the health situation), but food costs haven’t gone up much because I’m eating cheap tinned soup and oatmeal rather than ordering takeaway.

Did I reach my goals? Just about. I’m a little bit over in the S&S ISA + SIPP and a little bit under in the cash emergency fund.

Upcoming in the fourth and final quarter of this crazy first year:

—Continuing to cook more. Making a few meals a week has been really good for the soul, and it forces me to take downtime from work as well as giving me easy next day lunches.

—Another trip with friends, this time domestic. The big costs are already accounted for in this quarter, and we’ll do our own cooking to keep costs down and have fun.

—Hopefully better health on the way, which will change my spending/saving patterns again.

By the end of the quarter, I want to:

a) reach £8K in premium bonds so I can fill next year’s LISA… I’ll count that as reaching the £15K house deposit milestone, which was my big goal for 2021
b) reach 50% in my savings account for one of my 2022 trips. (It’s already budgeted out, the other one isn’t.)
c) give myself a raise at work 🙂

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